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a multi-talented entrepreneur and business woman based in Atlanta, GA. She is a renowned speaker, author, and online community creator. She is also a top producing Real Estate Professional. When she's not working, Terrica enjoys trying out new restaurants, cooking, and spending quality time with loved ones.







Terrica’s has been a successful entrepreneur for well over a decade. She’s done everything from pursuing a career in education and in fashion and retail, but it wasn’t until she became a real estate agent in 2017 where her life began to turn in a direction that would change the trajectory  of her life.  Shortly after becoming licensed, Terrica quickly became a top-performing real estate agent in Atlanta. Her magnetic personality made a career in sales a great fit for her successes. Now, with 6 plus years of experience in the industry her expertise and knowledge of the local market makes her an invaluable asset to both buyers and sellers. She has a proven track record of success, having helped countless clients achieve their real estate goals.

Her most recent and most exciting endeavor is her work in creating The High Esteem Society (HES). This faith based online community consists of personal development masterclasses, Bible Studies, 1 on 1 coaching, intensive community discussions and more. She became inspired to build this community when she found herself in the pit of life in 2020 after experiencing the death of her mother, divorce, and miscarriage. She found herself wanting more out of life . Terrica longed for a success that was sustainable, holistic, and complete. When the hardships of life came- a real relationship with God, awareness of purpose for living, and an unshakeable identity were the factors that helped her to remain grounded.  HES is a community built to impact women in the same way; to gain, maintain, and sustain their success in any and every season of their lives. 



Recognizing her unique ability to naturally deliver a moving message of faith at a very young age, Terrica was primed for this movement in her life. Speaking since the age of 12, Terrica posess a natural niche for the art that gives her the formidable advantage to craft and deliver engaging and impactful messages. 

Her ability to tackle complex topics with ease is unmatched. Whether it's a keynote message or a workshop, Terrica's energy and enthusiasm is contagious, leaving her audience inspired to take action.

With a knack for finding humor in even the toughest situations, Terrica approaches life with a lighthearted and positive attitude that is contagious to all who hear her speak. But don't be fooled by her quick wit and sharp humor – Terrica is also deeply compassionate and has an ability to connect with people on a meaningful level.

Whether she’s sharing personal stories or delivering a powerful message in her writing, Terrica leaves her readers both laughing and inspired in her new and latest publication; 

There are some details about Terrica that are just simple and one is her sense of humor.

The Transition from IT GIRL to Woman of Distinction








Terrica finds solace and comfort in reading faith based personal development texts and journaling and attending worship services. Terrica’s love for God is reflected in the way she treat others and in the products she creates. She strives to live a life of integrity and honesty, knowing that her actions are a reflection of her faith.    

Let’s paint a picture of a such person. Imagine one who wakes up every morning with a grateful heart, thanking God for another day of life; one who prioritize time spent in prayer and meditation, seeking guidance and wisdom from God before sunrise. This is a glimpse in to Terrica’s daily routine.

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